Just the Facts, Ma’am

The news today was not as good as we would have liked. There is a bunch of medical information behind each of these statements, but this is just a “quick” update. Coming soon… A blog where I can share my journey for those who want to hear about it.
1. The cancer is metastatic breast cancer. But while my original breast cancer was a “triple positive” (which is good because you have three ways to shut the cancer down.) it has now morphed into at least a double negative… and I will find out the third strand (HER2) in a couple of days. That double negative reduces the projected lifespan considerably. The number is now “maybe 5” rather than “maybe 10-15”. That was hard to hear, but it is still better than months. And I will be seeking available trials at Cancer Care Alliance to get that number much higher!
2. My significant bone cancer is not in my leg (that is what happens when you talk to your doctor after being on fentanyl for liver biopsy.) Instead, the major points that are impacted are my left shoulder blade, left shoulder joint into the clavicle, the last rib on my left side, and left hip bone/pelvis. The shoulder joint is about 1/3 eaten away by the cancer and that is where they are concerned about the bone snapping spontaneously.
3. No new news on my liver, other than alcohol is pretty much off the table. Don’t want to damage it in any way.
4. Here is the ideal timeline of how treatment would play out:
Oct. 31st : Three appointments in Wenatchee – Oncologist, nurse coordinator and social worker, and radiation-oncologist (these appointments are made)

The following is what I hope will happen…
Week of Oct. 29th: Appointment with Wenatchee orthopedic surgeon who hopefully will say that surgery on shoulder can wait until after chemotherapy
Week of Nov. 2nd: Start radiation on shoulder and rib for palliative care for pain (possibly every week day for 10-15 days)
Week of Nov. 14th: Get Port put in
End of November – End of March: Series of chemo – IV chemo every 3 weeks for 6 sessions. Receive IV Herceptin 1x week for a year or more
End of March – Start daily chemo pill that has minimal side effects
May – surgery on shoulder
By summer be back to my old self: soaking up sunshine, bumming boat rides on the Columbia, playing Caddy for Tim golfing, and an Alaskan Cruise in July!