Part 2: Day 1 of Chemo

No poetic voice tonight as my shedded body finally lays down in a bed, not attached to an iv for the first time in 9 hours.

The start was fine. Got hooked up and went through the basics and was administered progeta fine. Then we started the Herceptin, which I had every week for a full year and never had a reaction. This time I had shortness of breath, flushing, and bad headache, they have me some benedryl but I must have been too far into the reaction because I felt like ice was flowing through my veins and I was shivering uncontrollably and then started to vomit repeatedly.

While it felt like this went on for hours, it was probably more like 30 minutes. They had to stop the herceptin, stabilize me with more meds and then restart the hereceptin with a very slow drip. I tolerated it better, mostly because I was knocked out.

Then I had wait time, then more premeds and then taxol (the actual chemo drug), a line flush, and then a bone building drug.

We finished around 6:00. Hopefully the next time I have herceptin we have a better plan for delivery (Sissy, you will be there next time I get it, AND. I had shock watch on 5. First time it has failed me)

Herceptin is THE drug to fight the cancer I have so not getting is not an option.

So thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I am pulling the words over me like a huge quilt of kindness as I give my mind and body a much deserved rest.

p.s. Couldn’t start radiation today due to the extended time in chemo so I start that tomorrow.